Thursday, January 30, 2014

Triezenberg Article Accepted

7th Surgical Hospital, 1966
Christina Triezenberg's article ""Bridging the Distances: Women Writers Exploring the Nightmare of Vietnam" will be published in an upcoming issue of Women's Studies.  As the future Dr. Triezenberg describes it, the article "explores the many ways in which the antiwar poetry written by women writers about America's involvement in Vietnam expands our understanding of the devastating impact of this conflict on both those who served in it and on the Vietnamese landscape itself, as well as challenges the ongoing exclusion of these often emotionally wrenching works from undergraduate teaching anthologies, which have the power to provide younger Americans, and readers in general, with a much clearer and more nuanced understanding of the war that moves beyond the perspectives of the American combat soldier."  This piece was originally written for Daneen Wardrop's "Nature of Poetry" class and was submitted with her encouragement.  Its quality also helped make Triezenberg the recipient of the Galligan Award last spring.