Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Russo & Utz Co-Edit Cluster on Arthuriana

Keith Russo and Richard Utz (together with Christine Havens) recently co-edited an essay cluster, Culture and the Medieval King, in UNIversitas: The University of Northern Iowa Journal of Research, Scholarship, and Creative Activity. The cluster includes the following contributions:

E. Kay Harris: "The Precognition of Crime: Treason in Medieval England and Terrorism in Twenty-first Century America"
John Sievers: "Dryden’s Battle with Music in King Arthur: The Bracegirdle Hurdle"
Nicola Clasby-Wilson: "Disarming the shout of doom: Chopra’s Alkahest"
Jennie Morton: "Merlin: The Manifestation of the 'New Man' (or How a Medieval Wizard Came to Embody Modern Masculinity)"
April Cook: "Honor and Transgression: The Poetics and Politics of Shame and Guilt in Sir Gawain and the Green Knight"

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