Thursday, July 17, 2008

Sally Wood in Bermuda

A pre-constituted panel submitted by Scott Slawinski to the Society of Early Americanists for its conference in Bermuda (March 2009) has been accepted. The panel, titled "Sally Wood and Early Republican Culture," aims to enlarge scholarly interest in this important but heretofore neglected gothic author from the earliest years of the nineteenth century. The panel's paper topics include: "Women Writers and Women’s Rights in the Correspondence of Judith Sargent Murray and Sally Wood" (by Karen A. Weyler, University of North Carolina at Greensboro), "The Speculation of Dorval" (by Scott Ellis, University of Southern Connecticut), "Gothic Anxiety and the Illuminati in Sally Wood's Julia and Charles Brockden Brown's Ormond " (by Michael Cody, East Tennessee State University), and "Sally Wood's Complex Portrait of Europe" (by Scott Slawinski, Western Michigan University). As Professor Ellis aptly stated upon news of the acceptance, "There's nothing like talking about a Maine writer in March while in Bermuda."

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