Tuesday, November 11, 2008

a poem by Janet Heller

Janet Heller's poem "Nature's Olympics" has been accepted for publication in Encore and will appear in the December issue. She originally wrote the poem during the Atlanta Olympics.

Nature's Olympics

Swimmers churn Atlanta pools,
Runners streak down dusty tracks,
And gymnasts tumble and fly through the air.
While the Olympic torch burns overhead,
Thousands cheer their countrymen.

Here in Michigan, loons paddle near Isle Royale
And laugh like banshees
Before they dive and disappear
In the evening mist.
Chipmunks dash across our yard
To capture seeds, stuffing their cheeks,
Then scamper toward their burrows.
Goldfinches balance on sunflowers,
Chickadees dart from food to swaying trees,
And hummingbirds fly backwards,
Landing on titonia like acrobats.

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