Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Chad Sweeney, Ph.D. candidate, publishes book of poems

Arranging the Blaze, by Chad Sweeney has just been published by Anhinga press.
"The poetry of Chad Sweeney is exuberant, imagistic, and prophetic. It locates a 'critical moment' of the ineffable that would be inexpressible, had it not been so beautifully expressed: 'the last hawk in the net of his eye.' Prophetic means of the world -- 'the median burns with oleander from Miami to LA' and 'the beer tastes of uranium' -- but also touched by the marvelous ('the fire is folded inside its wood'). This is a poetry of awakening, of coming into knowledge. We are near the beginning and the end, but in a curiously real place where you can hear the white teeth of a bull pull at the grass." -- Paul Hoover
ISBN: 978-1-934695-09-8
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