Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Five English Folks at MI Academy Conference

Five students and faculty recently attended and participated in the Michigan Academy Conference at Wayne State University. Kris Peterson, Courtney Schoolmaster, and Joyce Walker made the trek to Detroit to present their paper entitled "Students' Consideration of Audience and Ownership of Texts in Freshman Composition" as part of the Rhetoric and Composition panel of presentations, while Ilse Schweitzer and Chris Triezenberg presented papers as part of the Language and Literature panels. The title of Ilse's paper was "Grettir's Last Stand and the Icelandic Frontier: Frank Norris's Retelling of the 14th-Century Grettis Saga," while Chris's was entitled "A Few Good Books: Exploring the American Experience Using Memoir, Movies, Poetry, and Prose in the Undergraduate Classroom."

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