Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Comparative Drama 43/1 Published

The most recent issue of Comparative Drama is now in print. It contains the following essays and reviews:

Dumb Readings and Acoustic Shocks: The Noise of the Mute in Jonson’s Epicene, Adrian Curtin
“Whom Seek Ye, Sirs?”: The Logic of Searching in the York Herod and the Magi, Nicole Rice
From Saint Genesius to Kean: Actors, Martyrs, and Metatheater, Mary Ann Frese Witt
The Scriblerian Stage and Page: Three Hours After Marriage, Pope’s “Minor” Poems, and the Problem of Genre-History, Katherine Mannheimer
Roman World, Egyptian Earth; Cognitive Difference and Empire in Shakespeare’s Antony and Cleopatra, Mary Crane

Urban Theatre in the Low Countries: 1400-1625, Elsa Strietman and Peter Happé, eds. Reviewed by M. M. Brown
Brecht at the Opera, by Joy Calico. Reviewed by Michael Ewans
Laughing Matters: Farce and the Making of Absolutism in France, by Sara Beam. Reviewed by Aurelie Capron
Theatre Censorship: From Walpole to Wilson, David Thomas, David Carlton, and Anne Etienne, eds. Reviewed by Robert Goldstein
Generating Theatre Meaning: A Theory and Methodology of Performance Analysis, by Eli Rozik. Reviewed by Erika Fischer-Lichte
The Staging of Romance in Late Shakespeare: Text and Theatrical Technique, by Christopher J. Cobb. Reviewed by Tom Bishop
Shakespeare’s Practical Jokes: An Introduction to the Comic in His Works, by David Ellis. Reviewed by Pamela Brown

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