Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Educator Appointed to NCTE Committee

June 15, 2009
From the NCTE News Release
(A Professional Association of Educators in English Studies, Literacy, and Language Arts)

Jonathan Bush has been appointed to continue as a member of the Technical and Scientific Communications Committee for the National Council of Teachers of English (NCTE).  His term will expire after the 2011 Annual Convention scheduled for November 17-22 in Chicago.

In today's rapidly changing world, there is a growing need for technical and scientific writers who can communicate clearly and succinctly to professionals and lay persons.  Unfortunately, teaching at all levels has not kept up with this need, concentrating instead on the traditional forms of creative and informational writing.  NCTE should be leading the movement to increase teachers' interest and skill in teaching technical and scientific writing.

The charge of this committee is to play a prominent role in increasing our professional community's awareness and skill in teaching technical and scientific communication by:
  • holding an open committee meeting and presenting awards at the annual NCTE convention,
  • recommending experts in the field who could author NCTE publications, develop online courses or digital learning experiences, and/or speak at the annual convention, and 
  • suggesting opportunities to collaborate with other professionals or scholarly organizations on the generation or dissemination of information about technical and scientific communication to teachers of all disciplines.
The National Council of Teachers of English, with 40,000 individual and institutional members worldwide, is dedicated to improving the teaching and learning of English and the language arts at all levels of education.  For more information, please visit www.ncte.org.

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