Thursday, December 3, 2009

Teaching Writing: A Mini-Conference

Come join the first-year writing program teaching staff for an end-of-semester professional development event, highlighting the challenges and opportunities in teaching ENGL 1050 and 1000 at WMU. The opening presentation, "Righting Writing," will be by Dr. Thomas Kent, Dean of the WMU College of Arts and Sciences. There will be poster presentations on "Two to Too Much Grammar" Teaching Grammar in a Composition Classroom," "Special Topics a Go-Go: Composition as a Platform for Issues of Sustainability," "Completing the Circuit: Technology in Composition Instruction," Escaping the Ivory Tower: Putting Genre Studies to Use," "Finding Your Place: Bringing Place-Based Pedagogy to English 1000," and "Language ART." The event will take place on the 10th floor of Sprau Tower, from 6-7:30pm, on Tuesday, December 8.

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Jonathan Bush said...

There will be food, too!