Sunday, February 7, 2010

Support Sigma Tau Delta and Outstanding WMU Students: Donate to the Sigma Tau Delta Fund

2009-10 chapter officers (l-r) Patrick Love (president), Meghan Dykema (VP),
Laura Citino (communications officer), and Patric Nuttall (treasurer).

The Alpha Nu Pi chapter of Sigma Tau Delta, the international English honor society, now extends free membership to all students who are eligible to join, paid for by the Sigma Tau Delta fund. Please support Sigma Tau Delta and outstanding WMU students by donating to the fund.

Click here to donate online or read on for more information.

The Sigma Tau Delta Fund was launched in 2009 to make membership free to every student who meets the honor society's academic standards, beginning with the 39 members of the Fall 2009 induction class and continuing for all new inductees hereafter. Funding for free membership comes from the College of Arts and Sciences and the Department of English at WMU, as well as from the generous donations of faculty, staff, alumni, and other friends of Sigma Tau Delta.

Sigma Tau Delta recognizes outstanding academic achievement in English studies by undergraduate and graduate students. The WMU chapter has twice been named an Outstanding Chapter and has been recognized as “one of the most active and vital chapters in the country” by the parent organization.

Students who qualify for membership in Sigma Tau Delta must pay a one-time fee of $50 ($37 to the national organization and $13 to the local chapter at WMU), which entitles them to lifetime membership.

In the past, a number of qualified students have had to decline membership because they could not afford this fee. In response, we launched the Sigma Tau Delta Fund, with the goal of offering free membership to every student who meets the society's academic standards, beginning with our Fall 2009 induction class and for all new inductees thereafter.

Your tax-deductible donation of any amount will help fund these lifetime memberships. If we are able to amass a substantial endowment that guarantees funding for all memberships for the foreseeable future, we hope that donors will want also to support the academic activities of WMU Sigma Tau Delta students, such as helping to fund student trips to present work at the national conventions, where WMU students have earned national recognition for their scholarly and creative work. At this time, students spend much of the spring semester each year raising money for this purpose.

Contributions can be made online to the WMU Foundation by clicking here. They may also be mailed in to the Foundation or the Department of English, and WMU employees can opt for payroll deduction. Please designate your gift to the Department of English -- Sigma Tau Delta. If it is not designated to Department of English -- Sigma Tau Delta, your gift will not be directed to Sigma Tau Delta.

Please visit the Sigma Tau Delta website to learn more about ΣΤΔ at Western Michigan University and about the achievements of our members on the WMU campus and beyond.

Membership in Sigma Tau Delta opens an impressive range of exciting new opportunities to students. With your support, the sky is the limit for these outstanding students.

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