Monday, August 16, 2010

The summer issue of Comparative Drama arrived last week. Volume 44.2 contains the following contributions:


Pericles, Paul, and Protestantism
Richard Finkelstein

Striking a Pose: Performance Cues in Four French Hagiographic Mystery Plays
Vicki L. Hamblin

The Spirit of the Chorus in D'Annunzio's La città morta
James Nikopoulos

"Hilda, Harnessed to a Purpose": Elizabeth Robins, Ibsen, and the Vote
Maroula Joannou

Tragedy After Darwin: Timberlake Wertenbaker Remakes "Modern" Tragedy
Sara Freeman


Performance in Place of War
by James Thompson, Jenny Hughes, and Michael Balfour
reviewed by Marvin Carlson

Euripides: Trojan Women
by Barbara Goff
reviewed by Simon Perris

Two Moral Interludes: The Pride of Life and Wisdom
ed. David N. Klausner
reviewed by Alan J. Fletcher

Tragic Conditions in Shakespeare: Disinheriting the Globe
by Paul A. Kottman
reviewed by Emma Smith

The Cambridge Introduction to Comedy
by Eric Weitz
reviewed by Miriam Chirco

Aristophanes: An Introduction
by James Robson
reviewed by Charles Platter

Shakespeare on Silent Film: An Excellent Dumb Discourse
by Judith Buchanan
reviewed by Emmie McFadden

Euripides Our Contemporary
by Michael Walton
reviewed by George Kovacs

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