Monday, January 31, 2011

Slawinski reviewed in Women's Studies

Recently, Amy E. Winans reviewed Scott Slawinski's edition of Sukey Vickery. Emily Hamilton and Other Writings, for the journal Women's Studies 39:8 (2010). Here is how she summarized her evaluation:
"This volume offers us the opportunity to engage with ongoing debates about the political function of the early American novel—especially its concern with women's bodies, sexuality, and agency—as it encourages us to look beyond categories of genre in order to better understand women's authorship during the early nineteenth century. It will serve as a welcome resource for those teaching specialized undergraduate or graduate classes focusing on early American women writers or on early and nineteenth-century American fiction. The careful editing and cogent and engaging introduction to this volume will guide students and scholars alike, thus helping Sukey Vickery's work to receive the attention that it deserves."

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