Thursday, February 10, 2011

J. Paul Hunter Events@U of M

The Eighteenth-Century Studies Group
and The Poetry and Poetics Workshop present two events with J. Paul Hunter

A Lecture: Poetry on the Page and the Mind's Ear
Tuesday, February 22 at 4:10. Room 3222, Angell Hall

A Roundtable Discussion: Historical Aesthetics
Wednesday, February 23 at 12 noon, Room 3222, Angell Hall

Ten years ago, in an article entitled "Sleeping Beauties," J. Paul Hunter asked a cluster of questions which cut to the heart of humanist practice. What, he asked, might be the value of recovering a historical aesthetics? These questions launched a decade-long investigation into the history of the Anglophone couplet; this project forms a partial answer that is both a demonstration of scholarly practice and one elegant proof of its value. Join Professor Hunter and Michigan faculty members Lucy Hartley, Adela Pinch, Yopie Prins, and Sean Silver for a roundtable discussion of the historical nature of truth and beauty.
J. Paul Hunter, winner of the Louis Gottschalk Prize, is Professor of English at the University of Virginia. He is a pioneering authority on the relationships between culture and literary form. His major works include Before Novels, a groundbreaking study of journalistic ephemera and didactic literature, and the Norton Introductions to both Poetry and Literature.
The Eighteenth-Century Studies Group and the Poetry and Poetics Workshop are interdisciplinary groups of scholars dedicated to fostering dialogue between faculty and graduate students.
These events have been co-sponsored by the Department of English and the Institute for the Humanities.

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