Wednesday, March 21, 2012

2012 Departmental Awards

The English faculty congratulate the well-deserving recipients of the 2012 departmental awards, who will be honored this Friday. These winners are:
Presidential Scholar & George W. Sprau Award: Christopher J. Hart
George Sprau Awards: Jonathan D. Current and William Cope
William B. Brown Award: Benjamin A. Moran
William B. Brown Award Honorable Mention: Matthew J. Ftacek
Ralph N. Miller Award: Grace Brockway
Patrick D. Hagerty Promising Scholar Awards: Richard Carbonneau, Kalani B. Bates
Jean & Vincent Malmstrom Award: Ian Hollenbaugh
Book Awards for English Language and Linguistics: Alana Springsteen, Micah Carlson
Edward F. Galligan Award: Cody Mejeur
Frederick J and Katherine Rogers Shakespeare Award (Undergraduate Essay):
Benjamin A. Moran
Bernardine P. Carlson Award: Alexandria S. Sullivan
Excellence in Rhetoric and Writing Studies: Lacey Johnson
Nash Scholarships in English Education: John Kreider, Rachel M. Bouma
McKetta Award for English Education: Josh Blanchard
Linda Christensen Awards: Amanda Sproule, Tamra Lunford, Ambrose Nolan
Diversity Studies Essay Awards: Kalani B. Bates, Ross P. Landers
Adolescent Literature Award: Sara Carroll
Van Rheenen Awards for Excellence in Teaching College Writing: Courtney Brandt,
Krystal Howard
Effective Teaching Award: Kristin Sovis
David C. Czuk Award: John Abbott
Frostic Undergraduate Award for Fiction: “On Being Blessed,” by Claire Robbins
Frostic Fiction Honorable Mention: “The Scraps,” by Tom Smith
Frostic Graduate Award for Fiction: "Wake Turbulence,” by Laurie Cedilnik
Frostic Graduate Award for Fiction Honorable Mention: "White Maple,” by Dan Toronto

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