Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Clifford Davidson's The York Corpus Christi Plays profiled in Humanities

Emerti Clifford Davidson's recent publication, The York Corpus Christi Plays, is discussed extensively in the most recent issue of Humanities.

"He (Davidson) has spent the last four decades working “off and on,” as he puts it, with the surviving evidence of this dramatical marathon. Last year, the medieval institute at WMU published his edition of the Cycle, The York Corpus Christi Plays, a hefty tome compiling, in copious but lucid notes, the research of a scholar who came into the business just after the age of the great medieval philologists—Erich Auerbach, Friedrich Ohly, and Ernst Robert Curtius—but nevertheless channels the spirit of precision and vigor that made them great. It is an elucidating read (and one to which this article is indebted throughout), making accessible to the nonexpert many passages informed by what are now the more obscure details of theology, stagecraft, and society in late medieval england—no small feat at a distance of five hundred years."
Eve Salisbury is also quoted. The article is available at

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