Monday, October 29, 2012

Special Issue of Comparative Drama

The latest issue of Comparative Drama has been published on-line at Project MUSE. Print copies will be available soon.

Volume 46.3 is a special issue entitled Transcultural Poetics and the “Worlding” of Drama and was guest edited by Professor Ranjan Ghosh from The University of North Bengal, India.  This issue contains the following contributions:

Introduction: Reading and Experiencing a Play Transculturally
Ranjan Ghosh

Zen and the Art of Self-Negation in Samuel Beckett’s Not I
Kyle Gillette

Snapshots of a Shakespearean in China
Sidney Homan

American Students Performing the Foreignness of Human Culture in Foreign Drama
Les Essif

Authentic Protest, Authentic Shakespeare, Authentic Africans: Performing Othello in South Africa
Natasha Distiller

On the Tragedy of the Commoner Elektra, Orestes and Others in South Africa
Loren Kruger

Fugard, Kani, Ntshona’s The Island: Antigone as South African Drama
Robert Gordon

Hamlet the Difference Machine
Stephen Barker

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