Thursday, February 7, 2013

Eve Salisbury to present at the Mid-America Medieval Association Conference (MAMA)

Eve Salisbury is scheduled to present a paper at the Mid-America Medieval Association Conference (MAMA) later this month in Kansas City. Entitled “Lybeaus Desconus and the Maternal Unknown” the paper addresses the unnamed mother in the English version of the Fair Unknown narrative, especially in relation to illegitimacy and social abjection. The work has evolved from a larger project---a volume of Lybeaus Desconus for the Middle English Text Series  (with James Weldon), which contains two manuscript variants of the narrative made available together for the first time. Another essay “Lybeaus Desconus : Transformation, Adaptation, and the Monstrous Feminine” has been accepted for publication in Arthuriana and is expected to appear later this year.

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