Monday, July 22, 2013

CFP: Going Rogue: The Merits and Perils of Breaking with Professional Conventions

ATTN: Professionals in academia/education, administration, publishing, public history, museum
studies, library studies, and more... Please consider submitting a presentation proposal for the following CFP for the Graduate Student Caucus professionalization panel at the 2014 ASECS Annual Meeting in Williamsburg, VA, March 20-22, 2014.

Going Rogue: The Merits and Perils of Breaking with Professional Conventions

Graduate students often worry about toeing the academic line and keeping an eye on the market.  Countless articles and blogs proffer advice to graduate students for shaping oneself and one’s project for the tenure track.  However, with the market’s shifting demands and opportunities, the tenure track is not the only nor the best professional course.  This panel, a roundtable format, will include brief and informal presentations from professionals (i.e. faculty, administrators, editors/publishers, archivists, curators, secondary educators, etc.) on alternative career paths to the tenure track.

Proposals of 250 words that address different professional options and provide practical ideas for preparing for this path in graduate school will be considered.  In thinking about alternative professional paths for academics, presenters might address how students’ approach to dissertation research and writing or other aspects of graduate study might shift in consideration of a wider field of employment.  Presentations that discuss the merits and perils of other unconventional or experimental approaches to professionalization will also be included.  Please submit proposals to Sarah Schuetze at  Please share widely.


CCN said...

What is the date that submissions are due?

Anonymous said...

I posted the entire email as I received it, so I have no idea what the deadline is.