Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Austen Film Fest - Preliminary Lineup


As announced at the department retreat last week, we will be hosting a film festival in concert with the Theater Department's stage production of Austen's Pride and Prejudice, all of which coincides with the bicentennial of the novel's original publication:


Thursday, 10/17 (7pm-9pm) Brown 1028 // Pride and Prejudice (Olivier/Garson,1940)

Friday, 10/18 (7pm-9pm) Brown 1025 // Pride & Prejudice (Knightley/Macfayden,2005)

Saturday, 10/19 (12pm-5pm*) Brown 1025 // Pride and Prejudice Marathon (Firth/Ehle,1995)

Monday, 10/21 (7pm-9pm) Brown 1025 // Bride & Prejudice (Rai/Henderson,2004)

Tuesday, 10/22 (7pm-9pm) Brown 1025 // Bridget Jones’s Diary (Zellwegger/Firth,2001)

Wednesday, 10/23 (7pm-9pm) Brown 1028 // Lost in Austen (Rooper/Cowan,2008)

*Please note that the special screening of the acclaimed BBC series runs as a marathon screening all through the afternoon – feel free to drop in at any time, or indulge in the whole series if you can!

Also note that the first and last screenings of the festival will take place in Brown 1028; all the others will be in Brown 1025.

The times listed are those for which we have the rooms reserved—most films will be approximately 2 hours long, with the exception of the Saturday marathon and the two final films: Bridget Jones runs shorter, at close to 90 minutes, and the Lost in Austen mini-series runs longer, about 150 minutes (in three 50-min. episodes).

A short post-film discussion will follow each screening for anyone who wishes to stay afterward.

We're also planning to have a host of themed prizes awarded at each event, including DVDs and Austen memorabilia, so don’t miss out!

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