Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Grad Student Featured in New Publication from the Newberry

We are pleased to announce the essays that have been chosen for inclusion in this year's online selected conference proceedings publication, Newberry Essays in Medieval and Early Modern Studies, Vol. 8: Selected Proceedings of the Newberry Center for Renaissance Studies 2014 Multidisciplinary Graduate Student Conference.

The authors are working with their editors to revise their papers for publication. We plan to publish the volume by this summer.

Contributors and essays for this year's volume:

Patrick Bonczyk, Music, Michigan State University, “Breastfeeding the Soul: Spiritual Hunger and Baby-Death in Henry Purcell’s ‘With sick and famish’d Eyes,’ Z200”

Caroline Carpenter, English, Claremont Graduate University, “A Trinity of Donne Plus One: Jack, John, Doctor, and Conscience”

Kristie Flannery, History, University of Texas at Austin, “Juegos Prohibidos/Gente Prohibida: Regulating Space, Race, and Gambling in Early-Modern Manila”

Mary Helen Galluch, Medieval Studies, Western Michigan University, “Amending the Ascetic: Community and Character in the Old English Life of Saint Mary of Egypt”

Jared Halverson, Religious Studies, Vanderbilt University, “Hate and Hermeneutics: Interpretive Authority in Luther’s On the Jews and their Lies”

George Klaeren, History, University of Kansas, “Rational Inquisitors: Medical Discourse, Empiricism, and Catholic Truth in the Century of Light”

Sarah Lube Roe, French, University of Texas at Austin, “Theatre as a Jansenist Tool? The Importance of Perspective and Interpretation in Overcoming the Theatricality of Amour-Propre in Racine’s Phèdre”

Heather Smith, Art History, University of Missouri-Columbia, “A Different Picture of Female Piety: The Margaret and Catherine Window at Chartres Cathedral”

Shana Thompson, Art History, University of North Texas, “Land, Water, Woman: Place, Identity, and Coudrette’s Mélusine in Late Medieval Poitou”


Mary Angelo, who recently completed a PhD in French at the University of Chicago and is research assistant for a current Center for Renaissance Studies project

Contributing editors:

Laura Bland, History & Philosophy of Science, University of Notre Dame
Catherine Conner, English, Claremont Graduate University
Charles Keenan, History, Northwestern University
Danielle Kuntz, Musicology, University of Minnesota
Lance Lubelski, History, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Andrea Nichols, History, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Greta Smith, English, Miami University
David Vaughan, English, Oklahoma State University
Daniel Yingst, Divinity School, University of Chicago

See previous volumes of Newberry Essays in Medieval and Early Modern Studies: http://www.newberry.org/center-renaissance-studies-publications#digital.

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