Monday, April 7, 2008

MFA Festival April 11 & 18

Please join us on Friday, April 11 and Friday, April 18 to celebrate and honor the work of this year's graduating MFA students. The reading will begin at 7pm both nights. Of course, good writing, good eating, and good cheer will abound. Here are the locations and line-ups:

4/11 @ Walwood Hall

Maggie Andersen (non-fiction)
Matt Browning (poetry)
Louis Khor (fiction)
Benny Bennet (poetry)
Adeena Reitberger (fiction)

4/18 @ Lee Honors College

Cindy St. John (poetry)
Mike Monje (playwrighting)
Natalie Giarratano (poetry)
Michael Levan (poetry)
Mark Turcotte (poetry)

Please come show your support, invite your students, and help spread the word!

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