Monday, April 28, 2008

Teaching English in China

The Graduate School, USDA and F&S International seek U.S. college students, recent graduates and teachers with strong English skills to teach English in China. If you would like to teach English in China with a team of proven professionals for 4 months (or 10 months), the China ESL Teaching Program would like provide a position for you in China. The Program requires college students/graduates/teachers with excellent English language skills to work at elementary/junior and senior high schools and some universities in Dalian, Hangzhou, Beijing and other cities in China. The Program provides competitive basic salary, free housing in modern facilities with Western conveniences, free Chinese lessons and an international travel bonus. China ESL Teaching Application Deadline - May 15, 2008. For more specific information about the China program and the application please visit the OTHER OPPORTUNITIES page of the Fulbright Teacher Exchange Program website: Please feel free to pass this along! Thanks!

International Institute
Graduate School, USDA
600 Maryland Ave., SW Suite 320
Washington DC 20024
202.314.3500 phone
202.479.6806 fax

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