Monday, October 6, 2008

UK's Oleander Press reissues Richard Katrovas novel Mystic Pig

UK's Oleander Press reissues Richard Katrovas novel Mystic Pig

Hell is the place between words and the world...

A modern romance for a fractured age, Richard Katrovas's first novel is a multi-layered mini epic that wholeheartedly lays its love on the line in the face of an abeyance of hope. Love for New Orleans;her secrets, her dark corners, her food. Love for life; its heroes, its villains, its also-rans. But above all,a love for Passion; its purity, its beauty, its inevitable consequences.

Consequences felt by both twelve-year-old Willie Singer, growing up, and middle-aged Nathan Moore,growing older. Two inhabitants of the Crescent City whose paths collide and ricochet through the dying of a local poet and the ramifications of his death-bed opus – an epic poem, The Mystic Pig. For betterand worse, their lives are forever altered.

Mystic Pig beguiles. Written in evocative and poetic prose it effortlessly wraps the reader in the sensual,heady and vibrant atmosphere of the French Quarter and delivers you right into the complex lives of its characters – warts and all. It's a novel about life and love, death and despair, acceptance, denial, murder,sex – and fine cuisine. Not necessarily in that order.

Check out the reviews for the original on the site, but at present it can only be ordered from Amazon UK or, of course, from Oleander Press here with 10% discount using the coupon PIG08

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