Thursday, January 21, 2010

English participates in Teaching MLK & Civil Rights event

TODAY: You are invited to a free workshop sponsored by the WMU MLK Committee and the departments of English, History, and the College of Education:

"Teaching about Martin Luther King, Jr. and the Civil Rights Movement in 2010"

Thursday, Jan. 21 from 4:00 to 5:30 in 2302 Sangren

This workshop is dedicated to helping future teachers at all grade levels and in all content areas continue the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. by addressing civil rights, inequality, racism, poverty and world peace in their curriculum.  See our website:


3:40 Book table & Free materials for all participants from Rethinking Schools

4:00 Plenary Session:  2302 Sangren Hall

Welcome: “Martin Luther King, Jr., The Civil Rights Movement, and K-12 Classrooms Today” 
Dr. Allen Webb [ENGLISH DEPT.]

 Keynote: “Acting White?  Fostering School Success of Students of Color & Students in Poverty”
    Dr. Linwood Cousins

4:45 Breakout Sessions: “Engaging Issues of Social Justice Through Young Adult Literature”
    Dr. Gwen Tarbox [ENGLISH DEPT.] 3311 Sangren

    "Art, Drama and Poverty: Empowering Students to Address the Real Issues in their Lives and Community" Chris Measaros, Bangor Public Schools, 2302 Sangren

    “Civil Rights in a Global Context” Dr. Ed Martini, 2219 Sangren

    “Teaching about the Middle East Conflicts”, Shadia Kanaan, Palestinian peace activist, Dr. Allen Webb [ENGLISH DEPT.], Virginia Shedd, 2201 Sangren

    “Continuing the Conversation: Science and Math Success for Students in Poverty” Dr. Linwood Cousins, 3309 Sangren

    “Discussing Race in the Classroom”, Jennifer Heymoss, Kalamazoo Central High School, 3207 Sangren

    “African American English and Linguistics in the Classroom”, Dr. Lisa Minnick, Sarah Hercula [both ENGLISH DEPT.] 2205 Sangren

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