Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Students collect funds in support of clean water projects

Students in Allen Webb's "African Literature" class, after becoming aware through their readings and discussions about the desperate shortage of clean water in Africa, rose to the challenge and decided to start the WESTERN 4 WATER project to support Clean Water for the World. This organization provides inexpensive, dependable, and safe drinking water systems at no charge to communities that do not have access to clean water. The system costs $700, and provides 5 gallons of clean, pure water per minute. Clean Water For The World has delivered and installed these drinking water systems in El Salvador, Honduras, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Haiti, Ghana, Kenya, and Ecuador. In order to collect funds, the students are selling all kinds of goods, including special T-Shirts they have created (see your friendly department chair pointing to one of the shirts in Chaucerian manner). If you are interested in supporting the project, please check out our students' website. You can purchase T-shirts in Pam's office on the 6th floor of Sprau Tower.

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