Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The New Play Project Presents: Spacecano, Episode One: Countdown to Immopact!

The WMU New Play Project presents the first half-hour episode of its live, weekly, fully-staged serial, as written, developed and performed by the company, Thursday, June 2nd at 9 PM in the York Arena Theatre.

In episode one (of six), a Spacecano (more than a meteoroid, it's also a volcano) is hurtling toward earth at a seemingly unstoppable rate.

Is this the real end of the world?

Or will Dr. Trixie Knifefight and her crack team of sexy super scientists save us all?

Spacecano, Episode One: Countdown to Immopact! is based on a story by Justin Gibson, developed by the New Play Project Company and written by Justin Gibson, Mikala Hansen, Kelsey Pretzer, Drew Ruby, Amanda Fora and Ben Ng Kim Long.

Now in its eighth summer, the Western Michigan University New Play Project, a collaboration between WMU's English and Theatre Departments, has developed new plays by WMU English Department playwrights, with a company of actors and directors from the Theatre Department. The course is team taught by professors Steve Feffer (English) and Mark Liermann (Theatre).

For more information, please contact Steve Feffer at steve.feffer@wmich.edu.

Gianna Imbronone - Beryl Blevins
Arti Ishak - President Wanda Benton
Nathanial Jackson - Dex Drexler (Boy Genius)
Robby Johnson - Len Wiggins
Taylor Keenan - Sigourney Supergams
Emily Osborn - Dr. Trixie Knifefight
Susannah Parr - Capt. Melissa Von Nunchuks
Jessica Parsons - Speaker of the House, Jess Carlson
Joe Seibert - Col. Rick Daring
Ali Shea - Carol Blevins

Directed by Mac Arney

Amanda Foran
Karen Frederick
Justin Gibson
Mikala Hansen
Carissa Hanson
Jason Lenz
Conor McShane
Micealaya Moses
Rachel Neubauer
Ben Ng Kim Loong
Kelsey Pretzer
Drew Ruby
Joseph Ruppert
Joseph Sanders
Erin Shelton

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