Thursday, June 2, 2011

Jason Skipper's Novel to be released this month

Jason Skipper's debut novel Hustle will be released on June 21, 2011. Set in Texas, the book chronicles the lives of three Southern men - an alcoholic ex-con man grandfather, his restless, philandering seafood salesman son, and his hopeful musician grandson - who struggle to make up for their past and somehow set course for the future. In the past, the grandfather has hustled for money; now he’s hustling for redemption. The son has hustled for women; now he’s hustling for love of a different sort. His son, Chris, is hustling to be a famous musician with enough money to solve his family’s unsolvable problems, though he knows neither hustling nor money is enough. Praised for its humor and honesty, this coming-of-age story explores the ways people struggle to fulfill their wants and desires—and what they are willing to sacrifice to feel free. Jason graduated from the PhD in English (Creative Writing) in 2005 and now lives in Tacoma, Washington, where he teaches creative writing and literature at Pacific Lutheran University. For more information, see:

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