Thursday, June 16, 2011

A Special Issue of Comparative Drama

Comparative Drama Volume 44/45 • Winter/Spring 2010/11 • No. 4/1 was published earlier this month.

This special double issue, Translation, Performance, and Reception of Greek Drama, 1900–1960: International Dialogues, was guest edited by Amanda Wrigley who recently spoke at WMU as part of the Department of English's Scholarly Speaker Series.

The contents of this special issue include:

Greek Drama in the First Six Decades of the Twentieth Century: Tradition, Identity, Migration
Amanda Wrigley, guest editor

Toward a National Heterotopia: Ancient Theaters and the Cultural Politics of Performing Ancient Drama in Modern Greece
Eleftheria Ioannidou

Oedipus, Shmedipus: Ancient Greek Drama on the Yiddish Stage
Debra Caplan

‘The Kingdom of Heaven within Us’: Inner (World) Peace in Gilbert Murray’s Trojan Women
Simon Perris

Touring the Ivies with Iphigenia, 1915
Niall W. Slater

Is Mr Euripides a Communist? The Federal Theatre Project’s 1938 Trojan Incident
Robert Davis

Oedipus and Afrikaans Theater
Betine Van Zyl Smit

"Now the struggle is for all!" (Aeschylus's Persians 405): What a Difference a Few Years Make When Interpreting a Classic
Gonda Van Steen

Oedipus, Suez, and Hungary: T. S. Eliot’s Tradition and The Elder Statesman
Michael Simpson

Research Notes
African-American Classicist William Sanders Scarborough and the 1921 Film of the Orestia at Cambridge University
Michele Valerie Ronnick

Alberto Savinio’s Alcesti di Samuele in the Aftermath of the Second World War
Giulia Torello

Politics, War, and Adaptation: Ewan MacColl’s Operation Olive Branch, 1947
Claire Warden

Aristophanes and Douglas Young
C.W. Marshall

Lorna Hardwick

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