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Congratulations Natalie and Jonathan !

Saturday, August 6, 2011
Best New Poets 2011 Final Fifty
We’re pleased to announce the fifty final selections for Best New Poets 2011 as made by D.A. Powell.

2011 Finalists

Scott Abels, “As Rambo Lay Dying” (nominated by Juked)
Kaveh Bassiri, “See Also”
Ash Bowen, “How Gravity Hated Us”
Thea Brown, “Anxieties of the Living Dead”
Eric Burger, “The Friendly Neighbor”
Zach Buscher, “Nanopharmacology”
William Camponovo, “Elegy”
Brittany Cavallaro, “At the Illinois State Fair”
Charlie Clark, “Essay Against Symbolism”
Claudia Cortese, “She Wants to be All Horse”
J. K. Daniels, “Unmapped” (nominated by George Mason University)
James Davis, “Aa”
Jesse DeLong, “The Amateur Scientist's Notebook: Phosphorus”
Ansel Elkins, “Ghost at My Door”
Natalie Giarratano, “New Coyote”
David Gorin, “from Dust Jackets”
Rae Gouirand, “Ice Plant”
Kimberly Grey, “Conjugated”
Christian Harder, “A Difficulty of Flowers”
Rebecca Hazelton, “Book of Janus”
Hilary S. Jacqmin, “Wedding Album”
Janine Joseph, “Wreck”
Eric Kocher, “A Taxonomy of the Etiquette of Brandos”
Virginia Konchan, “Cafe Noir” (nominated by the University of Illinois at Chicago)
Kate Lebo, “Every Beginning Wants a Good Place to Start”
Julie Lein, “Fennel”
Nate Liederbach, “Untitled [There’s only one kind of kindness...]”
Jennifer Luebbers, “Recess”
Jodie Marion, “The Exile's Wife”
Ayako Matsushita, “Lingering Summer Heat”
Gerardo Mena, “So I Was a Coffin”
Sara Michas-Martin, “Cage” (nominated by The Believer)
Hemant Mohapatra, “All That Bravery Got Us Nowhere”
Jacob Newberry, “Outdoor Sermon on the Concrete Foundation of What Was the First Baptist Church of Gulfport, Mississippi”
Angelo Nikolopoulos, “Daffodil”
Sarah Rose Nordgren, “Don’t”
Pamela Johnson Parker, “Housewifery: An Annotation”
Nancy Reddy, “My Girlhood Apothecary”
Jonathan Rice, “Soon Ghost”
Matthew Ritger, “Thirty”
Dean C Robertson, “St. Catherine Yearning in North America”
Aubrey Ryan, “Sam and Lulu at the Very End of the World”
Nicole Sealey, “An Apology for Trashing Magazines in Which You Appear”
Emily T. Smith, “Sacagawea, That Strange Bird”
Jeff Tigchelaar, “Blurbs”
Stephen Neal Weiss, “Four Color Process”
David Welch, “17 Movements in Spring”
Josh Wild, “Self-Portrait after Paul Morphy's Stroke”
Cori A. Winrock, “Anterior of a Razed Room” (nominated by Black Warrior Review)
Chelsea Woodard, “Finding the Porn Magazines”


Number of submissions: 1363
Number of submissions sent to the guest editor: 185 (some with one poem, some with two)
Number of final selections: as always, 50
Number of male finalists: 24
Number of female finalists: 26
Number of finalists selected who were nominated by a journal or school: 5
Number of finalists selected from the Open Competition: 45


“New Coyote”
NATALIE GIARRATANO is a PhD candidate in poetry at Western Michigan University. Recent poems appear or are forthcoming in American Literary Review, Laurel Review, and Hayden’s Ferry Review. She was poetry editor for Third Coast for two years and an assistant editor at New Issues Poetry and Prose for three.

“Soon Ghost”
JONATHAN RICE’s poems have been published in AGNI Online, Colorado Review, Mississippi Review, Sycamore Review, and Witness, among others, and were included or are forthcoming in The Southern Poetry Anthology, Volume V: Georgia, A Face to Meet the Faces: An Anthology of Contemporary Persona Poetry, Best of the Web 2009, and Best New Poets 2008. His poetry was also selected for the 2010 Indiana Review Poetry Prize, the 2010 Richard Peterson Poetry Prize from Crab Orchard Review, the 2008 Gulf Coast Poetry Prize, the 2008 Milton-Kessler Memorial Prize from Harpur Palate, the 2008 Yellowwood Poetry Prize from Yalobusha Review, and the 2006 AWP Intro to Journals Awards. He received an MFA from Virginia Commonwealth University, and is currently a PhD candidate at Western Michigan University.

Natalie and Jonathan we could not be more proud of you.

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