Monday, September 5, 2011

Makers of the Middle Ages now available online

Richard Utz and Elizabeth Emery, eds. Cahier Calin. Makers of the Middle Ages. Essays in Honor of William Calin. Print: Kalamazoo, MI: Studies in Medievalism, 2011, is now available in electronic format. You can access a .pdf of the complete volume at: (please be patient since it is a huge file).

Here is the Table of Contents:

Jesse G. Swan: Erasmus, Calin, Reading and Living -2 Alicia C. Montoya: Madame de Sévigné’s Aristocratic Medievalism -3 William Paden: Pound’s Troubadours -5 Roy Rosenstein: Helen Waddell at Columbia: Maker of Medievalists -6 M. Jane Toswell: Seamus Heaney and Beowulf -9 Tom Shippey: Rudyard Kipling -10 Gwendolyn Morgan: J.R.R. Tolkien: Medievalism and Middle Earth -12 Edward Risden: Shakespeare: Making Medieval Character -13 Barbara K. Altmann: Christine de Pizan as Maker of the Middle Ages -15 Nils Holger Petersen: B.S. Ingemann: Danish Medievalism of the Early Nineteenth Century -17 Veronica West-Harling: Errol le Cain’s Fairy Tales as Manuscript Illustration -18 Carol Robinson: Edna Edith Sayers (f.k.a. Lois Bragg) -20 Pam Clements: Margaret Atwood and Chaucer: Truth and Lies -21 Richard Utz: Bernhard ten Brink and German English Studies in Lotharingia -23 Gayle Zachmann: Marcel Schwob’s Archeologies and Medievalism -24 Elizabeth Emery: Albert Robida, Medieval Publicist -26 Gina Psaki: C.S. Lewis: More Maiorum -29 Kathleen Verduin: The Medievalism of Charles Eliot Norton -30 Karl Fugelso: Tom Phillips’ Dante -32 Caroline Jewers: Six Views of William Morris -33 List of Contributors -35.

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