Saturday, September 3, 2011

New Issue of Comparative Drama

The summer 2011 issue of Comparative Drama, volume 45.2, was published online at Project MUSE in August. Hard copies of this issue will begin mailing by mid-September.

This issue includes the following contributions:

How to Do Witchcraft Tragedy with Speech Acts
Eric Byville

A “Birthright into a New World”: Representing the Town on Brome’s Stage
Denys Van Renen

Remaking the Chorus: Charles Mee Jr.’s Orestes 2.0
Peter Campbell

Fear Mongering, Media Intimidation, and Political Machinations: Tracing the Agendas Behind the All God’s Chillun Got Wings Controversy
Jeffrey Ullom

Performative Reading and Receiving a Performance of the Jour du Jugement in MS Besançon 579
Karlyn Griffith

The Ethos of Drama; Rhetorical Theory and Dramatic Worth
by Robert L. King
reviewed by Martin J. Plax

Philosophers and Thespians: Thinking Performance
by Freddie Rokem
reviewed by Lydia Goehr

Shakespeare, Sex, and Love
by Stanley Wells
reviewed by Elizabeth Klett

Shakespeare and Biography
by David Bevington
reviewed by R. A. Foakes

Don Pedro Calderón
by Don W. Cruikshank
reviewed by Hilaire Kallendorf

Staging Spectatorship in the Plays of Philip Massinger
by Joanne Rochester
reviewed by Julie Sanders

Shakespeare’s Opposites: The Admiral’s Company 1594-1625
by Andrew Gurr
reviewed by Melissa D. Aaron

Shakespeare, Politics, and Italy: Intertexuality on the Jacobean Stage
by Michael J. Redmond
reviewed by Jason Lawrence

Euripides: Suppliant Women
by Ian C. Storey
reviewed by Eric Dugdale

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