Tuesday, April 17, 2012

MA Capstone Presentations

MA students in the English department's spring capstone seminar (taught by Staci Perryman-Clark) presented their final presentations this afternoon in Brown 3025. The following students (listed with their faculty advisers) participated in the event:
  • Kyle Krol; Megan Klukowski (Jonathan Bush)
  • Elyse Jozlin (Gwen Tarbox)
  • Steffany Maher (Allen Webb)
  • Michelle Olsen; Sarah Elsworth (Ellen Brinkley)
  • Courtney Brandt; Jessica Neuenschwander (Beth Bradburn)
  • Kelly Evans (Richard Utz)
The photograph shows Kelly Evans presenting her paper on "Hector's Sword and Troilus's Bed: Motivation and Virtue in the Troy Story."

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