Sunday, April 1, 2012

Oxfordian Shakespeare Doubters Get a Historical Fact Right

The Oxfordians, who hold that the Earl of Oxford wrote all 37 of Shakespeare’s plays and his sonnets, have reported one historical fact correctly in a 2012 publication. The Oxfordians, who claim that William Shakespeare, an alumnus of the distinguished King Edward VI Grammar School in Stratford, was illiterate, that A Midsummer Night's Dream was composed by a nine-year old, and that the Earl of Oxford was both Queen Elizabeth’s secret son and her lover, correctly spelled the name of Shakespeare’s contemporary Ben Jonson as “Jonson” without the “h” in the latest issue of their quarterly journal, in the following sentence: “Ben Jonson, bastard son of King Henry VIII and author of Huckleberry Finn, piloted the primitive submarine over the abyssal plain, skirting the wreck of the Titanic, glimpsing but not recognizing the bones of Amelia Earhart, seeking, ever seeking, the Australian writers’ colony he had so ably founded a decade before.”

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