Thursday, June 14, 2012

CFP: special issue of About Gender on Queer Studies

Call for Articles: special Issue on “Queer Studies and the Interpretation of Reality”

Editor: Dr. Luca Trappolin

Starting from the beginning of the Nineties, and primarily in English speaking contexts, the investigation of issues related to gender, sexuality and identity politics has been strongly affected by Queer Theory. Queer Theory can be interpreted as an heterogeneous body of literature which – although to different extents in different times and places – has critically challenged ideas and interpretations of the subject, power and justice which emerged in Sociology, as well as in other disciplines within Lesbian and Gay Studies and Gender Studies. At the same time, the contribution of Queer Theory to the interpretation of reality has been widely questioned by scholars working in the fields of Gender Studies and Lesbian and Gay Studies. The aim of this special issue is to engage with the development of Queer Theory and Queer Studies from its birth to present days, its relationship with interpretation of gender and sexuality coming from Gender Studies and Lesbian and Gay Studies, and the articulation of its epistemology in research practices.

We welcome articles – both theoretical and empirical – coming from a variety of disciplines such as Social Sciences, Humanities, Philosophy, and Law. Articles can be submitted in Italian or English, and are invited to address the following topics:

1) Changes and developments in Queer Theory and Queer Studies after 20 years of debate.
Examples of topics that could be developed are the following:
* a comparison between the first and the new generation of scholars working in the field of Queer Studies;
* the institutionalisation of Queer Theory and its effects;
* the current role of Queer Studies for the development of disciplines in Social Sciences, Humanities, Philosophy, Law: is the Queer perspective still challenging institutional knowledge?

2) Theoretical implication of Queer Theory in Gender Studies and Lesbian and Gay Studies.
In this case, articles should address the ways in which the Queer perspective has challenged (or should challenge) ideas of identity, community and the world coming from the scientific debate on gender and homosexuality in Gender Studies and Lesbian and Gay Studies.

3) The adoption of a Queer perspective in researches on gender, homosexuality, masculinity.
In this case, empirical articles are welcomed as examples of research that has investigated topics of gender, homosexuality, and masculinity taking into consideration the epistemology of Queer Theory.

4) The reception of Queer Theory in national contexts.
Articles could address topics such as the translation of scholars working in the field of Queer Studies into national contexts, or the “evidence” of the integration of a Queer perspective within national Gender Studies and Lesbian and Gay Studies.

Articles can be submitted at the latest by 15 September 2012.

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ISSN: 2279-5057

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