Friday, May 7, 2010

Recent English Graduate Accepted to Prestigious Post-Bac Program

The staff of Comparative Drama would like to congratulate our editorial intern and recent Department of English graduate, Joshua C. Boardman, on his acceptance to the College of Liberal and Professional Studies at The University of Pennsylvania's Post-Bac program.

“The Post-Baccalaureate (Post-Bac) Classical Studies Program was founded in 1984 for students who already have a B.A. and some background in Latin and Greek, and who wish to continue their study without immediately entering an M.A. or Ph.D. classical studies program. The Post-Bac Classics Program offers such students an opportunity for rigorous training in the languages, testing their motivation for graduate work, preparing them for further study, and allowing them to experience life in a large university.”

This program is one of the best in the country of its nature and “upon completion of the post-baccalaureate programs at Penn, many graduates go on to study at some of the world’s best schools, including Cornell, Harvard, Oxford, Penn, Yale, and UCLA.”

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