Saturday, May 15, 2010

Spring Issue of Comparative Drama Arrives

Comparative Drama's Spring 2010 issue was published last week. Volume 44.1 includes the following contributions:

Coriolanus: Inordinate Passions and Powers in Personal and Political Governance
by Unhae Langis

Soyinka and the Dead Dramatist
by Kenneth J.E. Graham

The Biblical Intertext in Peter Shaffer’s Amadeus (Or, Saul and David in Eighteenth-Century Vienna)
by Nehama Aschkenasy

Chinese Ethnicity and the American Heroic Artisan in Henry Grimm’s The Chinese Must Go (1879)
by Hsin-yun Ou

Exotic Nation: Maurophilia and the Construction of Early Modern Spainby Barbara Fuchs
English Renaissance Drama and the Specter of Spain: Ethnopoetics and Empireby Eric J. Griffin
Reviewed by Hilaire Kallendorf

John Florio: The Man Who Was Shakespeareby Lamberto Tassinari
Reviewed by Scott McCrea

The N-Town Play: Drama and Liturgy in Medieval East Angliaby Penny Granger
Reviewed by Douglas Sugano

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