Sunday, May 16, 2010

Utz in Oxford Dictionary of the Middle Ages

At this year's International Medieval Congress, Richard Utz presented a paper (in a section honoring Tom Shippey), "Them Philologists: Philological Practices and Their Discontents from Nietzsche to Cerquiglini."
He also published 25 entries in the new Oxford Dictionary of the Middle Ages, ed. Robert Bjork (Oxford: Oxford UP, 2010): “Ball, John;” “Clanvowe, Sir Thomas;” “Clanvowe, Sir John;” “Everyman;” “Gower, John;” “Hardyng, John;” “Hereward, ‘The Wake’;” “Higden, Ranulf;” “Hoccleve, Thomas,” “Hugh, Little of Lincoln;” “Julian of Norwich;” “Margery Kempe;” “Langland, William;” “Lydgate, John;” “Mandeville’s Travels;” “Mannyng, Robert (of Brynne);” “Paston, Family and Letters;” “Philippa of Hainault;” “Richard Rolle, of Hampole;” “Trevisa, John;” “Straw, Jack;” “Peterborough Chronicle;” “Usk, Adam;” “Metham, John;” “Medievalism;” “Literary Nominalism.”

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