Friday, March 11, 2011

Sigma Tau Delta Induction Is Sunday, March 20

Sigma Tau Delta's Spring 2011 Induction

Sunday, March 20, 2011
3-5 p.m.
3025 Brown Hall

The Alpha Nu Pi chapter of the Sigma Tau Delta International English Honor Society invites faculty, staff, students, families, and friends to the Spring 2011 induction and reception. A record 60 new members will be inducted, all of whom will receive lifetime memberships to Sigma Tau Delta free of charge, thanks to generous donations from faculty, staff, alumni, and friends as well as support from the WMU Department of English and the College of Arts and Sciences.

Please scroll down for the list of inductees and join us next Sunday to welcome them and to celebrate the fifth anniversary of the first Sigma Tau Delta induction at WMU. Since March 2006, the Alpha Nu Pi chapter has grown to nearly 300 active and alumni members and has been nationally recognized as one of the most active, vital chapters in the country.

Spring 2011 Sigma Tau Delta Inductees:

Aly, Hanan
Bajdo, Diana
Barnes, Sara
Brandt, Courtney
Brimhall, Traci
Burpo, Katie
Brockway, Grace
Cahn, Elissa
Charnley, Kassie
Christian, Laura
Church, Kayla
Cornelius, Jessica
Deal, Holly
Dennis, Jeffrey
Dodson, Micaela
England, Andrea
Evans, Kelly
Fiddler, Benjamin
Freitas, McKaley
Gietzen, Christian
Hammon, Christine
Hollenbaugh, Ian Benjamin
Holwerda, Anna
Howard, Krystal Jo
Hovey, Amanda
Hulsey, Amanda
Jennings, Brandon
Khalil, Dina Anwar
Krasnicki, Shannon
Landers, Tammy
Leffler, Nicole
Livingston, Kenneth
Lohr, Brandon David
Lukshaitis, Margaret
Martin, Elizabeth
McLean, Bonnie
Michaels, Chelsea
Pelto, Travis
Pehrson, Joseph
Pender, Jena
Peters, Ashly
Rice, Jonathan
Root, Erica
Rozek, Sarah
Samuelson, Phillip
Scott, Emily
Schaefer, Alyssa
Shelley, Kathryn
Sieber, Jennifer
Sing, Yee Wen
Smith, August John
Snyder, Rebekah
Springsteen, Alana
Stahl, Tyler
Svikiz, Andis
Szejbach, Michelle
Walsh, Kerry
Wethy, Jade
Wiley, Alyson Paige
Witte, Alexa

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