Sunday, March 24, 2013

Premiere of New Bentley Film Features WMU Alum, Faculty, Students


Thursday March 28, 7pm, at the Kalamazoo-10 Cinema

Admission is FREE.

WMU English alum Chuck Bentley's 35th feature film "Conjuring Venice" revolves around three writers, (Kitty Kachniewicz, Mary Kay Albee and Janet Gover) who write using one penname, as they are creating a sequel to their first romance novel. That novel, which was set in Venice, was penned 6 years ago. The actors in Venice, (Sarah MacLean, Christopher Nagle, Laura Henderson and Johanna Hoenke) portray the characters the women are writing. The film also features original music by Randon Myles Chisnell. Much of the film was shot in Venice, Italy. This is Chuck's 14th "foreign" film and his 6th in Venice.

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