Wednesday, October 17, 2007

English Writing Conference: Please Announce

Sigma Tau Delta's English Writing Conference
2007 Call for Papers
Submission Deadline: Friday, November 2

What can you do with a course paper after the class? Present it at the EWC!

Students may submit papers focusing on any topic connected to English studies. Submissions may explore:
● novels, short stories, poems
● films, speeches
● linguistics
● theory
● original explications
● English studies pedagogical papers (though not lesson plans or teaching tips)

Original creative works are also encouraged.
All submissions must be presentable within a 15-minute time slot.
Prose submissions must be typed, double-spaced, in a standard 12-point font and should range from approximately 5 to 10 pages in length.
Poetry submissions must be typed in a standard 12-point font and may include a single poem or a group of poems. The submitted body of work should have a title.
Each person may submit up to two works in different genres for this conference.

Panel submissions are welcome. (Panels may include three or more participants from a single class presenting on similar topics/a single project, a pre-planned discussion on a particular text by three or more individuals, or another creative group presentation.)

Submissions may be emailed to:
Submissions must be received by 12 midnight on Friday, November 2.
Email Subject Line: EWC Submission.
Email Body: Your full name, title of the work(s), and contact information. (Working email is best.)
Submission attachment should be in: .doc format.

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