Sunday, October 7, 2007


Dear readers,

I am creating this blog to provide an additional source of information for students, parents, faculty, alumni/ae, emeriti/ae, and all other friends of the English department at Western Michigan University to stay informed about the department's various activities. To avoid spam postings, only staff members, faculty, colleagues in closely related areas, and a small number of students (usually representatives of various student organizations, etc.) will be authorized to post messages, comments, etc. However, please note that all the world can access and read this blog, and all authors of postings should, therefore, take the open nature of this tool into consideration when publishing information.
If you are unfamiliar with blogging, please follow the easy-to-use instructions provided by Google to learn and experiment with this exciting means of communication. I am looking forward to reading the many creative contributions to these pages.

With collegial regards,
Richard Utz
Professor & Chair
Department of English
Western Michigan University

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bethlynn said...

Thank you Richard for starting this blog. I feel certain the news posted here will reach a wide variety of people!