Thursday, February 26, 2009

CFP: The Hilltop Review

The Hilltop Review has been inactive for well over a year and it is time we revitalize this excellent publication opportunity for all graduate students of WMU . I am proud to say that the GSAC has a new team of fellow graduate students committed to making the Hilltop Review better than ever! I am sharing this information with you to ask that you empower and encourage students in your department to consider submitting their work for publication in this peer-reviewed journal. This is an amazing opportunity for students with little or no experience publishing and also for those with a bit more experience. To kick everything off we will be publishing a SPECIAL WELCOME BACK Hilltop Review Edition for anyone who previously submitted a paper or creative work and received acceptance but did not see their work published. If you know of any students who meet this critera please have them contact the GSAC for re-submission. We are requesting that proposals be re-submitted no later than MARCH 18th! The committee will review their work and the on-line version of the SPECIAL EDITION Hilltop Review will be available by late May 2009! This is a very exciting time and we welcome your support! For students in your department who have not considered the Hilltop Review please encourage them to get ready early for our fall edition! The deadline for fall call for proposals will be Sep. 18, 2009. This allows plenty of time to get work together and ready to be shared with the WMU community and beyond. If anyone has any questions or thoughts please feel free to give me a call or send me an email.

Brandi Pritchett
Chairperson - Graduate Student Advisory Committee

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