Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Career opportunities in Community Organizing for Social Justice

Careers in Community Organizing for Social Justice Available to WMU graduating students and alums! Direct Action & Research Training (DART) Center will be on the WMU campus on Mon., Nov. 2 @ 7PM in the Wesley Foundation (near flagpole) to discuss careers in the field of community organizing, and to schedule interviews with students interested in empowering their communities and working for social change. 2010 marks the 10th year since DART first launched the Organizers Institute and the 10th year of recruitment from WMU.  After years of research into best practices, experimentation, evaluation, and refinement, the Organizers Institute has become THE most elite field school in the training of grassroots community organizers in the country.  To learn more about DART's approach to organizing, check out DART's new YouTube video:  

Please RSVP if you are interested by contacting Sunil Joy at or calling 785.841.2680 with your name, phone #, email address and school. DART is now accepting applications for the 2010 DART Organizers Institute, the paid, four-month field school for people interested in launching a career in community organizing. Participants will undergo a combined classroom and field training covering such topics as:

• Entering a community
• Identifying and training local leaders
• Strategic planning and issue cutting
• Relationship and community building
• Direct Action on community issues
• Fundraising

The DART Center, has built coalitions throughout the country that have won important victories on a broad set of justice issues including:

• Education reform in low-performing public schools
• Job Training
• Drugs and Violence
• Criminal Recidivism
• Living Wage
• Neighborhood Revitalization
• Predatory Lending
• Affordable Housing, etc.

The DART Organizers Institute combines a 7-day classroom orientation with 15 weeks of infield training at a DART host organization. This is a paid training program that includes: a $7,000 living stipend, transportation to the classroom orientation and host city, and mileage reimbursement during the infield training. Room, board, and tuition will also be paid by DART during the 7-day classroom training. After successful completion of the program, DART will work to place graduates into permanent full time salaried positions ranging from ($30-33,000/year for Associate Organizers and $32-37,000 for Lead Organizers starting salary + health & benefits).

Graduates from the four month DART Organizers Institute have gone onto accept Executive Director and Associate Community Organizing positions throughout the country. The 7-day classroom orientation and 15-week infield training starts July 2010. Training locations will include placements in several states around the country. Although it may be helpful, no direct experience is necessary. Organizer Trainees (OTs) hired to participate in the DART Organizers Institute must demonstrate a desire to pursue community organizing as a long-term professional career. A master's degree or similar life experience is preferred though unnecessary. Candidates must have a college degree or be graduating prior to July 2010. Also, candidates must display a workmanlike diligence, be driven to produce sustained results, have proven capacity to build relationships of trust, create and execute a plan, act professionally, feel comfortable working with religious institutions, be accountable and willing to hold others accountable, demonstrate disciplined thought and action, and work in a team setting.  OTs must also have access to a car during their training and be flexible regarding relocation. Fluency in Spanish/English is a plus and people of color are encouraged to apply. Low and moderate income communities across the country are feeling the bite of recession on issues like healthcare, education, employment, and housing. At the same time, the field of community organizing has obtained more legitimacy and interest than ever before given its recent profile in the 2008 presidential election.  Low and moderate income communities are in need of passionate and talented individuals with the dedication and skills necessary to transform communities.  Now is the time to stand up for social and economic justice.

To find out more about DART or to apply, we encourage you to contact: Sunil Joy, DART Network, 820 New York Street Lawrence, KS 66044 or by email: If you have any questions, please call: (785) 841-2680. Also, you can download applications or view profiles from previous OTs at the DART website: 

Sunil Joy
DART Network
ph: (785) 841-2680

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