Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Prague Summer Program TAs

All graduate students interested in serving as TAs in the Prague Summer Program, please inform Professor Richard Katrovas of this interest by Tuesday, October 27.
E-mail Professor Katrovas at using the following format:
In the “subject” write your name, the degree you’re seeking, and your primary genre. For example: Joe Blow PhD fiction.
In the body of the e-mail, tell Professor Katrovas how long, approximately, you have until graduation and who will likely serve as the director of your thesis or dissertation committee. Then, in two or three sentences, tell him why you want to be a TA in the Prague Summer Program.
At least one non-creative-writing graduate student will serve as a TA for their afternoon classes. If you are applying as a scholar, in the “subject” box write your name, the degree you’re seeking, then “scholar.” In the body of the e-mail proceed as described above.
Individuals who have served as TAs in the past may re-apply, though it is Professor Katrovas' goal to have everyone who wishes to serve be offered at least one opportunity.
One or two TA positions have already been determined; they hope to fill a total of nine.

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