Thursday, October 15, 2009

Family Literacy Night at El Sol Elementary School

For the past several weeks, students from Dr. Karen Vocke's Engl 3770 (Language and Literacy in Multilingual Classrooms) course have been planning a family literacy night for Thursday, October 27, at El Sol Elementary School. The evening will feature activity stations developed and led by Vocke's class, where bilingual El Sol students and their families can stretch their creative skills. See the press release below:

WMU students plan Family Literacy Night at El Sol Elementary School

October 8, 2009

Kalamazoo – Students from Western Michigan University are teaming up with educators at El Sol Elementary School to present a Family Literacy Night.

The literacy event will be held in conjunction with the school’s open house, and will take place from 6-7 pm. on Thursday, October 22. The school is located at 604 W. Vine St. in Kalamazoo.

“We are hoping to focus on literacy as a skill that is developed and enjoyed throughout life,” said Dr. Paul Babladelis, principal at El Sol. “We want parents and children to value literacy together, read together, and understand the joys and advantages literacy provides.”

El Sol Elementary is dedicated to bilingual education using a two-way immersion program: all students receive half of their instruction in English and the other half in Spanish.

Students from WMU’s English course, Language and Literacy in the Multilingual Classroom, have been planning the Family Literacy Night from top to bottom. The class is led by Dr. Karen Vocke.

“This is an unparalleled opportunity for our pre-intern teachers to work with students at a variety of levels: teaching, interaction with families, and lesson planning,” Vocke said. “They also gain experience in knowing how to organize family literacy events, a key skill for any teacher.”

The WMU students will put their knowledge of diversity, language, and literacy into practice as they assist the families during the event. Some of the activities planned include poetry writing, storytelling, and mural drawing. All of the families will get to keep a book of their choosing in order to encourage literacy in the home.

A second Family Literacy Night is planned for later in the semester.

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